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PhotographIf someone were to come up to you and ask you if you have come to a place in your spiritual life where you know for certain that if you were to die today you would go to heaven, what would you say?

If someone were to ask you how can you possibly have forgiveness for your sins if there is no Holy Temple and no place to make sacrifices, would you know how to answer them?
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    A Book Review of "Kosher Jesus" by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
    by Penina Taylor


    For all its hype, the title of “Kosher Jesus” is far more evocative than anything contained within its 230 pages.

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  • New!! Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 53 is considered by missionaries to be the number-one proof for Jesus being the messiah. Explore the truth about the "Suffering Servant" passage in our new links page.

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  • Penina Taylor Elul Speaking Tour - United States

    Our Executive Director, Penina Taylor, will be in the US on a special Elul (August 29 - September 25) speaking tour. She is available to speak all over the US, but contact us immediately to rese... More »

  • Scripture Twisting 101
    Shomrei Emet Institute presents its 12-week counter-missionary seminar in Jerusalem beginning in June.  Space is limited, so please contact us to reserve... More »
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